Speaking Engagements

Lina consistently score 4.5+ out of 5 in speaking engagements.  Graduate of Jerry Weisman’s Power Presentation Program.


TechWomen Canada in Silicon Valley: May 21-25 2012

Hosted by the Consulate General of Canada,  San Francisco, Silicon Valley, the program aims to connect and support Canadian women in the technology sector to their peers in Silicon Valley. This outreach initiative exposes the Canadian women to the high growth and innovative culture of the Valley which they can use to enhance their technology businesses and careers.

  • Behind the Scenes of Executive Search and Social Media

4 hour quick off session co-led by Suzanne Dalcourt – Google Leadership Recruiter and Lina Arseneault – Digital and Social Marketing Consultant at CaféLina Consulting.

“Focus on how to BE SOCIAL, not on how to do social”.  Jay Baer

 Women Unlimited

Top Ten Tips For Effective Communication: 2007-2011

Telfer School of Management

  • Linked With Leadership Series – February 2011
    • Digital and Social Marketing Principles :  4x 1 hour sessions to B.Comm, MBA and eMBA students (English and French)
  • eMBA in Silicon Valley: Panelist for 10+years, annual event held in May.
  •  Member of the Dean’s Advisory Board – California Focus, 2011-ongoing

Digital and Social Marketing, Cisco Canada’s approach to meeting the legislated requirements of the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF) – Montréal, January 2010

Developed and presented Cisco Canada’s position and recommended strategies.  The  OQLF (English: Quebec Board of the French Language) is the government agency responsible for seeing to the application of French language laws in the province of Québec.

Comments, questions, speaking opportunities, contact Lina at:

Email:  lina@cafe-lina.com


Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/linaarseneault

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/linaarseneault/

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Tip of the day: Find how why Twitter is the perfect presentation coach |  by Loraine Antrim @loraineantrim

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