Marketing Hall of Shame

Did you have a slip of the key? Perhaps it was an accidental tweet, an unfortunate typo or a well-meaning but poorly worded Facebook post?   Email sent (OMG).  Maybe the brewing crisis originated from outside issues such as a customer complaint or an economic, political or a natural disaster.

When it comes to mistakes, it’s best to think in terms of “when” instead of “if” situations.

Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.  Bruce Lee

Marketing Cloud: Intro to Social Listening featuring Cisco’s @LaSandraBrill  (video 8min-33min)

Michelle Blanc retweet to 29,632 followers

Using Hashtags Haphazardly Can Be Detrimental to Your Twitter Presence |  via @socialmedia2day

How To Kill Your Brand In 140 Characters — by Tracy Sestili of Social Strand Media

Insurance Company in hot water over tweets and more via @jowyang

Simply Providing Social Tools = Failure

              • A “provide and pray” approach has about a 90% failure rate
              • Radical benefits result from delivering social solutions
              • A social media solution is the right tools targeted at a defined purpose

Source:  “Taking a Strategic Approach to Social Media”, Gartner Research Webinar by Carol Rozwell and Nick Gall

Not-So-Happy-Meal:  Does McDonald’s owe University of Toronto computer engineering professor Steve Mann an epic apology?

What are your worst marketing mistakes? Don’t be afraid to share … we all make them 😉

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