Great Leaders Make Their Own Luck  Morten Hansen, management professor at UC Berkeley, describes the traits leaders need to help their organizations thrive in times of chaos and uncertainty.

Food for Thought:  Four Reasons Any Action Is Better than None by Rosabeth Moss Kanter via Havard Business Review Blog Network


Turbo Charge Your Career Development Plan With IMU


Innovation in Big Companies

3 Part Series by Maxwell Wesselvia Harvard Business Review Blog

      1. Why Big Companies Can’t Innovate
      2. How Big Companies Should Innovate
      3. Big Companies Can’t Innovate Halfway
Fuse: Making Sense of the New Cogenerational Workplace by Jim Finkelstein with Mary Gavin, includes a bonus chapter by Ayelet Baron.

Grow Your Business: You Fuse, You Win!

For employees and business leaders ages eighteen to eighty, a manual to building a team that’s electrified by cogenerational collaboration

There’s no doubt that the differences between employees fresh out of school and their more seasoned counterparts are vast. Fuse will show you how to create a mashup that fuses the experience and command of Boomers with the technosmart and boundaryless thought of Millennials, getting you and your organization ahead.

Everything I need to know about business I learned from playing golf

Reference the SlideShare companion


MarketingProfs Take 10 Author Series: How to Enchant & Engage Your Customers – Guy Kawasaki


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