The first Twitter Olympics: By the numbers – via The Week

Social Guidelines Worthy of an Olympian

Crisis manager Melissa Agnes recently reviewed the International Olympic Committee’s social media rules and regs, then took them apart to teach community hosts how to grab the “gold”—by maintaining healthy social interaction.  Read more via MarketingProfs

  • Marketing Hall of Shame:  When it comes to mistakes, it’s best to think in terms of “when” instead of “if” situations.

How GoDaddy Got ‘Hinched’ via Marketing Daily

When Canadian James Hinchcliffe launched a rogue social campaign to replace fellow GoDaddy-sponsored race car driver Danica Patrick on GoDaddy’s homepage, the company embraced the challenge and proved that sometimes, giving in to the chaosis the only way forward.

* How To Craft a Winning Startup Pitch [INFOGRAPHIC] | by Erica Swallow via Forbes

*Strung Out on Shiny Objects – Great interview with LaSandra Brill who is Senior Manager of Global Social Media at Cisco – listen to the podcast.

* Find out how why Twitter is the perfect presentation coach |  by Loraine Antrim @loraineantrim

*Want To Be A Better Public Speaker? Do What The Pros Do  by Susan Tardanico – Leadership and communications consultant, author and speaker | via Forbes

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