Sophisticated Guides for Sophisticated Consumers

The Next-Generation Retail Associate will be the cornerstone of personalized and unique shopping experiences.  They will be the ones wielding the mobile point of sale (POS) and information devices; and will be the face of the brand with the consumer. “ They will be engaging individuals who are capable of building strong emotional connections with […]

Potpourri Food for Thought: 10 Business Lessons Learned

Potpourri Food for Thought:  10 Business Lessons Learned Posted on April 14th 2013 by Lina Arseneault I’m not quite sure how I came across this presentation but I do remember that it was about 2 years ago, at an especially trying time in my career. I know nothing about its author.  All I know is that the perspective […]

Turbo Charge Your Career Development Plan With IMU

Posted on September 20th 2012 by Lina Arseneault Is it that time of year? Is your heart racing at the thought of having your performance evaluation and career development discussion? Anemic Career Development Plan? Whatever you call them; employee reviews evaluate our performance on the job. They often determine raises, promotions, and sometimes whether we get […]

TV Talk Show Host Caught in Double Whammy Twitter Gaffe

Posted on July 23rd 2012 by Lina Arseneault Margaret Thatcher Is Not Dead … TV Talk Show Host Caught in Double Whammy Twitter Gaffe One of the key benefits of social media is that your messages can reach more people faster. But this also means that your mistakes can too. A social gaffe can lead to an awkward situation […]

Coping with Natural and Social Media Disasters

Posted on July 16th 2012 by Lina Arseneault Apologizing doesn’t have to be difficult, and can come from a place of strength. Learn the art of apologizing effectively and you may find a significant reduction in the negative effects of highly charged situations. On April 27-28 2011 hundreds of tornados spread destruction across the Southern, Midwestern and Northeastern […]

Elton is Right: Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word

Posted on July 9th 2012 by Lina Arseneault Social Media Blunders: It’s best to think in terms of “when” instead of “if” situations Everything you do, and everything you don’t do, communicates about your brand. A mistake speaks volumes about your (in)ability to manage social media effectively.  Remember that despite your best efforts, mistakes happen at some […]

Blended Communications for Better Social Media Crisis Management

Posted on July 2nd 2012 by Lina Arseneault Successful Crisis Management = Planned and Integrated Communications Approach In her books “Les Médias Sociaux 101” and “Les Médias Sociaux 201” (Social Media 101 and 102 respectively), en français), social media expert Michelle Blanc includes many cases studies that illustrate the dos’ and don’ts of public relations crisis management in […]