PotPourri Food For Thought : Mary Meeker on Internet 2012

Hungry for a view into the future of the Internet?

Check out Mary Meeker’s take on the latest Internet trends via a massive (112 slides) slide deck (May 2012, updated annually).  This year’s report has five sections that cover the following:

  1. basic statistics,
  2. re-imagination (of nearly everything),
  3. read on the economy,
  4. USA Inc. ( a non-partisan look at the U.S. government (and its financials) from a business perspective), and
  5. “bubble” (or not?).

View Mary Meeker D10 Interview (Video, 17 minutes) via AllThingsD

The re-imagination section includes several examples of business models through to what Kleiner Perkins’ refers to as:

the “third wave of innovation,” combining social networking, mobile and e-commerce.

In December, 2010 Mary Meeker left her position as a managing director at Morgan Stanley and head of the bank’s global technology research team to become a partner at the Silicon Valley venture capital firm of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.  Meeker was named “one of the ten smartest people in tech” by “Fortune” magazine in 2010.

More on Internet 2012:

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