Don’t Assume Your QR Code is Knocked Up, Give her a Pregnancy Test

With smartphone use soaring, many companies (big and small) are turning to quick-response, or QR Codes to connect with customers on the go. They’re placing the codes in ads, direct mail, in-store displays and product packaging, and using them to link to a host of features—discounts, websites and videos.

QR Codes in Marketing Collaterals

The conference is just around the corner, time is of essence; marketing materials are expected at the printer.  If they include a QR code, be sure to test it out in all intended formats (business card, post card, banner, mobile and web landing sites).

Testing Scannability is a MUST!

This obvious and essential step is often overlooked yet it’s critical to your success.  The potential customer has decided to take an important step in the engagement journey by attempting to scan your code. She wants to see the demo of your product, NOW!  The QR code will get her there.  She might also want to share it with her boss. Make sure it works!

Unscannable QR Code = the road to no where

Recently, a well intentioned company (who shall remain nameless) decided to incorporate a QR code in its marketing materials.  The company has a slick online demo that showcases its product offerings.  The marketing team decided to create post cards for an upcoming trade show.  The asset contained an attention grabbing headline, a clean crisp message, and strong call to action with a companion QR code that drove to the slick demo. The post card was beautiful.  So far so good.

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On the surface, even though the post card “looked great”, the QR code didn’t work because the printed image on the post card was a resized (reduced) version of the  original asset. The QR code image had been compromised in the shrinking process rendering it unreadable even with a reader with  an error level tolerance as high as 30%.  The vendor realized the error only after hearing about it from a prospect.


Positive or Negative: Test for QR Code Scannability

Testing the QR code in all intended sizes and formats would have prevented this costly mistake.

Tip : Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes, test the QR code journey you want him to take. Testing is especially important if you’ve resized an asset to a smaller or larger size.  What works in the original size may not in a different one.  When you resize, be sure to preserve the integrity of your QR code image and avoid this costly and embarrassing mistake.  With a scannable QR code you’ll be able to track and monitor the customer journey and relationship between on and offline – making every aspect of your marketing effort quantifiable.

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