Recovering from a Social Media Gaffe

Posted on June 27 2012 by Lina Arseneault.  Social media is legendary for its transparency and speed.  This can turn out to be a double edge sword as mistakes can  be highly and widely visible. Did you have a slip of the key? Perhaps it was an accidental tweet, an unfortunate typo or a well-meaning but poorly worded Facebook […]

OOPS : Best of Social Media Blunders

Posted on June 18th 2012 by Lina Arseneault.  A faux pas is a violation of accepted social norms. Although these norms can vary wildly from one culture to another, their basic premise is “be respectful of others”. The first time I had dinner with my then future mother-in-law, I committed a dinner etiquette faux pas (elbow on […]

Don’t Assume Your QR Code is Knocked Up, Give her a Pregnancy Test

Posted on June 8th 2012 by Lina Arseneault.  With smartphone use soaring, many companies (big and small) are turning to quick-response, or QR Codes to connect with customers on the go. They’re placing the codes in ads, direct mail, in-store displays and product packaging, and using them to link to a host of features—discounts, websites and videos. […]