Potpourri Food for Thought: Facebook CEO’s Law of Social Sharing

You’re probably familiar with Moore’s Law which forecasts of the pace of silicon technology. Moore’s law was initially made in the form of an observation and forecast. The more widely it became accepted, the more it served as a goal for an entire industry.

Consider Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s law of social sharing.

Something is said to increase or decrease exponentially if its rate of change must be expressed using exponents. A graph of exponential growth would appear not as a straight line, but as a curve that continually becomes steeper.

Human sharing behavior is exponential.

To illustrate the magnitude of this concept, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gives the example of a piece of paper folded upon itself 50 times.

If you took a piece of paper and folded it on itself 50 times, how tall would it be?” He continued, “Most people would say a few feet … Turns out it goes to the moon and back 10 times … I mean it’s 2^50 * the height of the paper. It’s a small base doubling many times.

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