Encore! QR Codes: Here to Stay or Fade Away?”

In a recent post called “QR Codes: Quiet Revolution or Quite Redundant?” I posed the question “QR Codes: Here To Stay or Fade Away?”.  It seems that the consensus is on the “here to stay” (enhance and evolve).  My post described 10 use cases of QR codes and asked for your examples.  Many of you wrote with interesting applications.

Diantha Pinner wrote about how she enjoys her QR Code library card.  She writes: “Our local public libraries enable you to convert your barcoded library card into a QR code on your phone. One less card in my wallet or on my key chain and I never have to wonder whether I left it at home.”   Carol Walker illustrates Diantha’s point in a comprehensive Slide Share reference presentation.  It is titled “QR Codes: Application in Libraries” .

Cisco social media expert Deb Strickland commented on the importance of designing the QR programmed destination with mobile in mind.  She writes: “I have seen some QR codes that send people to a web page that was not optimized for mobile – so don’t make that mistake.”

One of the most interesting notes was from Pascal Romano.  Pascal and I worked together at Cisco (Lina in California, Pascal in France) where I had had the opportunity to meet with his customers at Cisco’s San Jose Executive Briefing Center.  Pascal wrote to me about his brother-in-law’s new QR Code business.  IneoScan is an innovative Paris startup that is taking QR codes to a whole new level by enabling the blending of QR code and art form to allow for the activation of print.

IneoScan QRart

Designers from across the world created beautiful QRart forms.  They are being showcased in art shows in several cities.  You can experience mobile QRart content created by talented artists from across the globe on the IneoScan site.  IneoScan recommends the i-nigma reader to experience the full breath of this QRart.

On Slide Share, you’ll find the companion to “QR Codes: Quiet Revolution or Quite Redundant?”.  The material includes all the references from the original post plus 5 bonus examples (including IneoScan, “Use QR Codes so You Don’t Get Thrown Away After Tradeshows” which is a MarketingProfs column by Sarah Baker, and the San Jose Sharks) and reference links.  Check it out and provide your feedback.

Next time you’re on the go and see a QR code, snap a picture and send it along with your comments.

4 thoughts on “Encore! QR Codes: Here to Stay or Fade Away?”

  1. Thank you for the post.

    It looks like France is ready to scan, at least in art galleries. A few months ago, the first QR Code design show took place in France (Vannes – Britanny). I was very happy to show my works in Barcelona, Washington last month, and soon, we will be in Tokyo.

    Enjoying our french Art touch, IneoScan is ready to offer a differented, very sexy and so attractive QR Code Design with powerful smartphone contents.


  2. Lina,

    I enjoyed your post about fusing generations in the workplace for optimal results. It is a challenge that can reap enormous benefits when considered in this manner.

    Thanks for the insights!


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