Encore! QR Codes: Here to Stay or Fade Away?”

Posted on December 19th 2011 by Lina Arseneault In a recent post called “QR Codes: Quiet Revolution or Quite Redundant?” I posed the question “QR Codes: Here To Stay or Fade Away?”.  It seems that the consensus is on the “here to stay” (enhance and evolve).  My post described 10 use cases of QR codes […]

Everything I need to know about business I learned from playing golf

Posted on December 8 2011 by Lina Arseneault In June 1996, Rick Spence wrote a short column in PROFIT, The Magazine for Canadian Entrepreneurs.  It featured 18 pearls of business wisdom on a backdrop of cartoon like characters acting out the advice (or not).   The column is titled “Everything I need to know about business I […]

QR Codes: Quiet Revolution or Quite Redundant?

Posted on December 1st 2011 by Lina Arseneault The révolution tranquille (Quiet Revolution) was the 1960s period of intense change in the province of Québec.  It was characterized by the rapid secularization of society, the creation of a welfare state (État-providence) and a re-alignment of politics. These changes ultimately shaped a distinct, strong and flourishing […]